The Northwest's Original Plus-Size Clothing Event

Where Fashion meets the Savvy Curvy Shopper

We are a Special Consignment Sales Event that is held twice a year for sizes 14/XL-34.

Do you have gently used clothing that you never wear - too big, too small, never found the right top or the right pair of shoes? We can help you make some extra cash.

Come to our sale and buy name brand clothing for less.

Merchandise Instructions

Bring your clothing on hangers. You may not receive back your original hangers. Clothes should be hung with the hanger hook facing the left as you look at it (like a question mark?). Attach two-piece outfits together by hanging each item and attaching the two hangers. (Make a note on the tag that it is a 2-piece set). Please use pant hangers or attach pants using binder clips. Do not fold the pants over the hanger; this takes too much room, they fall off, and most shoppers will not take the time to look at them.


For clothing, attach your tags with a tagging gun or safety pin to the back label or back top inside CENTER seam to avoid damaging your garments. All clothing dresses, tops, pants, jackets should ALWAYS be tagged in the back center inner seam or garment tag. Pinning through the garment causes holes and damages the garment.

Jewelry should be placed in small ziploc bags (Tape or Staple the bag closed) and the tags taped to the front of the bag. Shoes can be either tied together or rubberbanded together with the tags on the bottom of the shoes.

Please prepare all of your tags according to these instructions. This makes it easy for shoppers and easy for us to ensure you get credit for all of your sales.

Please print on white cardstock. Card stock is available at office supply stores, or buy it by the sheet at FedEx Kinkos. The tags will print 10 to a page. Please do not use sparkly, colored paper, recycled paper, or anything with printing on both sides for the tags. These make it very difficult for our Point of Sale software to read the tags.

When printing your tags using the computerized tagging system, print using "Normal" or "Draft" quality. (Avoid "best" quality because the barcode tends to bleed).

If you are not using a Tagging Gun

DO NOT HOLE PUNCH THROUGH THE SOLID BLACK DOT ON THE TAG (if you are donating your items your tags will have a solid black dot on the left side of the tag). Or you may use a safety pin to attach the tag to the garment tag or though the back on the inside CENTER seam of the top or pants. We also have tagging guns for sale. Click here to go to the order a tagging gun page.

Printing your tags

You may print your tags in batches as you go, or all at once. The system saves your information automatically.From our website, click here. This will get you to the page where upcoming sales are listed. Click on the sale for which you are creating tags. Then scroll down to Login - enter your user name & password. Go to Print Tags. Then go to Generate Items List. You will then see your inventory list. Check the items for the tags you want to print. There will then be a link to download the file that has your tags. It's simple.


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