Consigning Options & Earnings

A consignor is someone just like you. You have a closet full of women's clothes and more that you no longer need or want. You do not want to throw it away nor do you have time for a garage sale. This is where we come into the picture and you as a consignor!

Earn a 60% return on all your merchandise sold by preparing (cleaning, hanging, tagging) your items for resale. See the Team Member page link to find out more about how to increase your consignment earnings as an independent contractor.

First click on the "New Consignor" link on the left hand side of the page. There is a $10 consigner registration fee for each sales event.

For tagging service, Consignor registration fee is $15 for each sales event.

Contact us if you have any questions or 503-848-9191

After you have received your consignor number, you will need to begin preparing your items for resale. In order to insure your items will be accepted for our sale you must follow our rules exactly. There are many specifics such as item acceptance, item preparation, tagging, and delivery of items. To get started, refer to the "accepted and unaccepted items" page for item acceptance and the "item preparation" page for details in preparing your items

We can't do it without you! Grab a friend and join our team!

Simply Consign
Earn 60% of your sales

Consign and help for one shift
Earn 65% (instead of 60%) of your sales

Consign and help for two shifts
Earn 70% (instead of 60%) of your sales

Consign and help for three shifts
Earn 75% (instead of 60%) of your sales

Consign and help for four shifts
Earn 80% (instead of 60%) of your sales

Consign and help for six shifts
Earn 85% (instead of 60%) of your sales plus we will refund your consignment fee

Tagging Service
Earn 40% of your sales

PLUS, Team Members get to shop before the public:
Work 4 Shifts, shop on Wednesday at 6 PM
Work 2-3 shifts, shop on Wednesday at 7 PM
Work 1 shift, shop on Thursday at 10:30 AM

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